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    oursecretcrush.com scam ripoff

    Its a scam it explains in its Terms & conditions at the bottom of the page it say based on your profiles yourself. This is completely up to you. oursercetcrush.com is designed for pleasure and entertainment. quote this site contains fictive profiles in others words fake profiles and are marked with a heart icon and are for entertainment purposes only. Physical contact with these profiles is not possible. We strongly advise you to read our terms and conditions before using our services. what a waste of my money so there you go people it a scam designed to take your money rip off

    I believe this site is a scam

    i LIive in a small town. I never realised there were so many women, married and single who just keep sending messages. They are designed for you to respond and then the endless chat starts. Each message costs you money. So the woman(if they are) lead you into endless chat. So I believe this is an out and out scam. Must be better sites elsewhere. Lot of fun reading the messages though.

    I believe the vast majority of the women on here are fake.

    Zero,good for a laugh.

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