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    Flirty Kiwis - Scam

    You will get heaps of talk but never any action off this site. Their terminology is similar for each woman, which gives it away. Always great pics, beautiful woman but that's where it ends. Costs 2.30 per message so someone is getting rich from this. Definitely a scam

    All the dirty talk you want at a price

    Cost is high. Good way to empty your pockets No action from this site It's all talk

    Flirty Scam

    No No No No.....just dont. This site is a scam. For sure. I was looking at Pics of women claiming to be from my area and hello....the background looks like somewhere in Europe. Theres only ever 2 pics of said person and the bios are totally are the numerous messages youll get from apparently gorgeous women wanting to chat. However - as soon as you try to reply - they want your money first. Give this a massive side step.


    All - Just dont

    Likely scam

    Have been on this site for 5 months and spent a lot on credits but never obtained any contacts despite very warm and enthusiastic conversations. Meetings and cell phone numbers always denied unlike genuine sites like meet someone. Woman always very good looking and disproportionately young for an old fella like me. I believe the profiles are doctored.Moreover always immediate responses to messages and messages are brief . If your paying $2.30 for a message you want to pack it out to get value. I suspect a third party is employed to act as a site switchboard and deal with incoming messages

    Well setup. Beautiful woman. .Works well. The profiles outlining sexual desires of the woman seem unrealistic and male oriented

    I think its a scam

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