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    The site is misleading customers

    I joined the site a while after I got widowed and entered a profile. In a very short time I got hundreds of invitations to chat and meet (and f--k). After about a month I must have received close to 2000 from Northland alone and they keep on coming still now. The problem is that most of them come from fake so called “Entertainment Profiles” with no chance of meeting a real person. The company (based in the Netherlands) spells this out in their Terms & conditions where it even states that their purpose is to provide entertainment, not to facilitate contact between people. If you did not read the T & c you would never guess. This is gross deception designed to make money for the company. Each little message costs between $2.50 and $2.83 depending on how much you buy and it quickly adds up before you realise that you are chatting with a ghost writer. They become evasive when you suggest a face to face meeting. I never met anybody face to face. The site is a rip-off preying on lonely souls.

    No joining fee. Easy to navigate.

    Does not provide a means of filtering out fake profiles. Deceptive, gives the impression of being a dating site but is not. Expensive, about $2.50 per message and the maximim message size is small.

This website is not active anymore

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