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    Very expensive
    They kept sending me cv’s of people and when I said I would meet them they said they didn’t don’t want to meet me
    Talked to one guy they said loves to travel go to cafes all rubbish
    He wanted me to go to his flat twice a week for a booty call as he was wheel chair bound
    Met another he was a real nutter
    Obviously had problems
    Asked for money back as they didn’t live up to their promises
    Got 1/2 my money back
    I don’t believe they have enough people on their database and wonder if all of the men they sent me don’t don’t exist


    Too expensive
    No connections that were good

    Think twice before paying for the service

    The service promises a lot, as can been seen on what they say on their website. When you meet the agents, they will convince you that they are the best in what they do. The truth is that they are only as good as their database, which is hugely limited. The matches they have recommended me are disappointing. Their refund policy is full proof, so which means you cannot back out and get your money back once signed on. It is not cheap. I hugely regret signing on. The money can be used for other more worthy causes/other dating services which are not so pricey, and not making this business owner richer. I have met several people who happened to use this service and they are also not happy with what they paid for. It may work for some people in some age groups, but certainly not majority. I would not recommend this service, and would advise you to think twice before signing on. Join at your own risk.


    Prey on lonely hearts
    Expensive for low/nil returns
    Cannot get your money back if unhappy with service
    Matches not as selective as they claim

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