MegaFlirt Review - Undecided, but possinly FAKE(agaqin!?)?

MegaFlirt - Undecided, but possinly FAKE(agaqin!?)?


Have been a paid "member" here for a few week's, and have had an amount of interest in me, by way of mutual like's * "match'es" etc! But, regardless of TRYING lot's, have still had NO offline contact with any of the quite attractive women there! In factm niot even any online contact either (apart from match's) etc, so now seriously starting to doubt, if there is actually anyone else ALIVE here at this site!

I would recoomend, NOT joining, so far, until at least I can report that it/the women are is~ real there!

Lot's of attractive LOCAL women there!?

I'm unable to determine yet, if anyone is actually there, or if these profiles are all FAKE! :-/

John Fille does NOT recommend MegaFlirt to friends/family


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