This is the biggest rip-off I have ever come across.I would suggest that anyone who thinks of joining does not waste their time.There are undoubtedly some genuine people on the site but they are few and far between.If one uses ones nouse and can read java and boolean or at least understand it their is a full set of instructions to the people who are working for them.How to answer difficult questions etc and they are paid $1.00 per message that they send.I am supposed to meet one of them next week,lets see if she is real doubt it though but I do think I have seen her

none unless you like talking dirty to a fantasy.Go to a massage parlour at least you know what you are getting

99% con.and I feel sorry for any woman who have joined this in good faith.It is an International site run from the States and I got into parts of their program I shouldn't have.Received the strangest call last night from an American number,no reply just silence.I don't think they like me

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