maoriflirt scam

I wrote this to their support which was returned as the link does not work:
You need to fix your site. thinking this is a scam Joined 6 days ago, 575 messages from every single woman who visited my page, not 1 miss or visitor that did not mail me, averaging about 93 messages a day? All women appear to be online 24/7 with answers to mails taking a minimum of 5 mins to be replied to??? then is a can we please exchange more endless texts which means either their texts are free? or they are all very well?? off or 3rdly these are being screened and answered by the operating site??? Your send message button conveniently will send a message with no text what so ever! Complete profile details do not come up on the page when you open a message! On a personal level I cannot see my profile in its completed state. what are the fake profiles in your FAQ's and how can anyone tell? It appears everyone of these profiles are fake.No Personal details to included in messages??? how are you supposed to meet people without personal info! Really? You need to get it sorted.


It is a scam

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I agree 100% with the Author above. I was like a kid in a lolly shop and over four days they sucked over $1,000.00 out of my credit card, although that was my stupidly. Everything described above I also experienced. They should be ashamed of themselves ripping off vulnerable people. As for me, I am just ashamed that it took so long to wake up. An expensive journey. Take care everybody.

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