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    Be2 Scam!!!!

    They are scammers! Their $35 one month membership turned out to be $200! They just take the money from your account! When I try and cancel my membership I am not allowed to!!!! I have tried to email them so many times but no response! No contact number either! Their site should be taken down!!!


    Absolutele scam!!!

    A scam for sure

    I had $359.40 deducted from my cc and two weeks later they took the same amount. For what?? Nothing, I have tried to cancel but to no avail.

    Not one good thing to say about be2

    This is a scam, don't be mislead, they take your money with nothing to show for it.


    A complete and utter scam... suck you dry of money refunds or replies to emails as yet...still trying to cancel.. unbelieveable bad service and dismal site

    False information

    Went to join for 1 month for 24.99 per month as the screen says, they tried to bill me for 24.95 per week.

    This site should be reported for misleading and banned from participating in NZ


    Nothing but a scam

    I thought it was a crap service.
    Customer service is shyte.
    If you want to waste some money go for it. They suck you in with a cheap offer and then next minute your CC is charged $290 for 3 months. Turns out you have to give them 14 days notice to terminate.
    I did and then they charged me again and they won't refund my money.
    Found the site clunky and i don't believe all of the profiles were for real.




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