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HeapsOfWomen - Heapsofwomen Scam


Do not believe that you are actually messaging the person who is on the profile that you have selected! The objective of the scammer is to keep you messaging for as long as they can so you by more credits on a journey to no where. Sure there may be the odd genuine profile but they would be few, and that's the trap, most genuine users do not want to disclose you they are due to the private nature of these sites but you need to get some verification as soon as you can to confirm you are not just messaging a scammer, If you are on any of these sites the first thing you need to do is to ask questions of the person you are messaging that they can confirm where they are from by maybe identifying some key features of the town or area and who they actually are, consider the way they reply, the grammar they use, does it sound right? Ask them to deliver something to you to confirm that they are genuine. Be very aware!!

There are no pros

Not a genuine site!

Some of the profiles have a different picture but with the same wording.

If you what to tear up some money for nothing by credits here.

Rob Harris does NOT recommend HeapsOfWomen to friends/family

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